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    St. Philip’s College
  Nov 29, 2023
St. Philip’s College Schedule/Catalog 2023-2024 
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St. Philip’s College Schedule/Catalog 2023-2024

Nursing: Career Mobility - LVN/Military to ADN Mobility Program

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The LVN/Military to ADN Mobility Program is for students interested in upward mobility.  The three (3) semester course of study is designed to prepare the graduate to function safely and effectively as a provider of care, a coordinator of care, and a member of the nursing profession.  The curriculum includes a transition course as a bridge to the second year of an Associate of Applied Science in nursing, didactic and clinical nursing courses, and general education courses in selected humanities, biological, social, and physical sciences.  The curriculum reflects the significant and ongoing changes in the health care delivery system.  The curriculum provides a progressively more complex learn experience to assist the student in developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Admission to the LVN/Military to ADN Mobility Program occurs twice each academic year.  To coordinate admissions with the Texas Board of Nursing, application deadlines for spring admission are set to accommodate the Boards review.  There are no exceptions to the deadlines.  Please visit the website for detailed program and admission requirements.


The curriculum format taught is concept-based.  Concept-based learning is an educational method that focuses on the big ideas and teaches students how to organize and categorize information.  Content focuses on facts, while concept focuses on making sense of those facts and the world around us.  Instead of the traditional method of learning, which concentrates on the ability to recall facts in isolation, concept-based learning focuses on understanding broader principles (concepts) that can be applied to a variety of specific examples.

Clinical Requirements

To fulfill the clinical requirements, students must attend clinical rotations in San Antonio and its surrounding areas if needed.  Transportation to and from hospitals and other assigned medical facilities is the responsibility of the student.  Students should be prepared to travel to any facility deemed appropriate to meet course objectives.

With this degree, you may seek jobs such as:

Registered Nurse

Related Awards:

Vocational Nursing Level 2 Certificate  

Total Credit Hours Required: 60

Milestone Course(s)

*** denotes Milestone course(s)

A milestone course is a course that is critical for success in this program as determined by the Faculty of the Alamo Colleges District.

Additional Program Information

The Nursing Career Mobility Program Track (LVN/Military to ADN Mobility Program) is an accelerated pathway to an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Nursing.  Nursing courses are taught over three consecutive semesters.  Those eligible for entry include the Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) and Military; must have Training as Army Combat Medics, Navy Corpsmen, or Air Force Medics.  The co-requisite clinical courses are held face to face in San Antonio, Texas.  Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) meet the LVN to RN entry requirement by virtue of their graduation from an accredited Vocational Nursing program and licensure as an LVN.  This program has been successful in meeting the evolving challenges presented to RN’s in the modern healthcare system.

Note:  An additional 9 hours of credits (RNSG 1533, RNSG 1126, RNSG 2362 will be granted for the Career Mobility student upon admission and completion of the first 6 nursing core credits.

RNSG 1424, RNSG 1216, RNSG 1128, RNSG 1263) in the Nursing Career Mobility Program.

CIP Code: 51.3801

Major Code: NRCM

*Capstone Course




CIP Code: 51.3801

Major Code: NRCM

* Capstone Course


Student must abide by the catalog year he/she is admitted into the LVN/Military to ADN Mobility Program.

Admission to St. Philip’s College is required before you can apply to the LVN/Military to ADN Mobility Program. An Admission Committee will review applicants and determine conditional admittance based upon criteria that will include:  standardized entrance exam (TEAS), degree requirements, Prerequisite GPA and LVN Theory Courses of 3.0 or higher, previous education, and LVN work experience. All copies of supporting documentation should be submitted with application in order to be considered for review by the admissions committee. Official transcripts must be submitted with the application to the Nursing department in a sealed envelope with the applicant’s name and Banner ID. Only complete applications will be reviewed for conditional acceptance.

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