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  Apr 24, 2024
St. Philip’s College Schedule/Catalog 2010-2011 
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St. Philip’s College Schedule/Catalog 2010-2011 [Archived Catalog]

Multi-Modal Transportation Technology

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Population growth and an increase volume of multi-modal equipment have created a demand for skilled maintenance technicians. The Multi-Modal Transportation Technology Department offers programs designed to prepare students to begin a career in aircraft technology, diesel technology, and railroad operations. The Multi-Modal Transportation Technology Department provides workforce training through grants, customized training, and community-based organizations. Upon entering the job market, graduates are likely to begin their career as aircraft mechanics, diesel/heavy equipment mechanics and
railroad mechanics and operations.


 Aircraft Technology

  1. This is an FAA approved program. All students must see a Program Advisor for details on FAA requirements.
  2. Physical/Health Requirements:
    1. Finger and manual dexterity.
    2. Color discrimination.
    3. Ability to climb, balance, stoop, kneel and/or lift heavy objects.
    4. Near-visual acuity and depth perception.


St. Philip’s College/Southwest Campus
Multi-Modal Transportation Technologies
Aircraft Technology
Policy to Award College Credits to
Students with FAA Certification

The Multi-Modal Transportation Department will review student credentials for the recommendation to award credits for a FAA Airframe and Powerplant license. Students are  required to present the original copy of the A&P license and three years of employer verifiable aerospace work experience. Credits awarded are limited to 13 semester credit hours for an Airframe or Powerplant and 26 hours for an Airframe and Powerplant license. Credits awarded under the proposed guidelines will be included and limited to the 32 semester credit hour limit for non-traditional methods specified in the college catalog. Credits will be posted on the transcript when the student has satisfied the 3-semester credit hour resident requirement.


A degree plan will be established for each student in the program during the fi rst semester of the first year of enrollment. Selection will include the necessary Arts and Science general education, Diesel Technology and other related technical courses as outlined in the College Catalog. The first six diesel courses are core courses and are required to be taken by all students in the program. Students entering the Diesel Technology programs must have:

  1. Finger and manual dexterity necessary to work mechanical and electrical systems.
  2. Color discrimination necessary to differentiate wire and resistance color codes.
  3. Near visual acuity and depth perception needed when working with small parts.
  4. Hearing capability necessary to discover, analyze, and correct irregular vehicle noises.
  5. Ability to climb, balance, stoop, kneel, and to lift heavy loads such as a tool box.

The above limitations may be waived if the student is equipped with mechanical and/or electricaldevices and has obtained approval from the chairperson of Multi-Modal Technology Department and the Dean of Applied Science and Technology. The Diesel Technology Program may award college credit requirements for students attaining industry skill standards. The criteria for awarding will be based on passing the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) test in the specifi c area of the course to be awarded as well as having fi ve years of employer verifi able work experience in that specifi c area.

The Diesel ProgramCredit Committee must approve the credit. Credit will be limited to a total of 16 semester hours and will be included in and limited by the 32-semester hour limit for non-traditional methods.The credit will not be posted on the transcript until the student has satisfi ed the 3-semester hour resident requirement and the credit award is non-transferable. The ACE Guide will be utilized in establishing equivalencies. The requesting student must develop all documentation.


Programs and Courses - Multi-Modal Transportation Technology


Multi-Modal Transportation Technology


Associate of Applied Science

Certificate of Completion

Marketable Skills Achievement Award

Technical Certificate of Completion


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