Clinical to 1219   [Archived Catalog]
St. Philip's College 2009-2010 Academic Catalog

VNSG 2163 - Clinical to 1219

Prerequisites: VNSG 1304, 1227,1420,1323,1502,1260,1329,1330,1334,1161,1162,2160,2331, and 2162.

Corequisites: VNSG 1219.

Professional development is a study of the importance of professional growth. Clinical experience shall include administration of team medications, and patient management skills to assist the graduate to practice within the scope of the vocational nurse. The student will be provided the opportunity to develop the knowledge and organization skills necessary to function as an entry-level vocational nurse in the health care setting and as a member of the multi-disciplinary health care team.

Semester Hours: (1- 4 -0)

CIP: 51.1613

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