Intermediate Computer-Aided Drafting   [Archived Catalog]
St. Philip's College 2009-2010 Academic Catalog

DFTG 2419 - Intermediate Computer-Aided Drafting

Cross-Listed With: DFTG 2019: Intermediate Computer-Aided Drafting

Prerequisites: DFTG 1409 or equivalent

This course is a continuation of basic practices and techniques using AutoCAD® software
emphasizing advanced dimensioning techniques, the development and use of prototype
drawings, construction of pictorial drawings using surface modeling and solid modeling
techniques, construction of three-dimensional drawings, interfacing 2-d and 3-d
environments, extracting data, and externally referencing multiple drawings to construct a
composite drawing. Drawings and projects will also address maintaining consistent drawing
standards, sharing drawings via the Internet, separate XY control features, menu customization, named preference sets, and paper space.

Semester Hours: (4- 3 -3)

CIP: 15.1302

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