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    St. Philip’s College
  Nov 29, 2023
St. Philip’s College Schedule/Catalog 2013-2014 
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St. Philip’s College Schedule/Catalog 2013-2014 [Archived Catalog]

Distance Education






Online Courses


Internet or Online Courses are a convenient and flexible alternative for obtaining college credit.  Instead of attending classes on campus, students may take a college course from home, office or other convenient location using a computer with Internet access.  Students can access assignments, notes, class presentations and exams through the Internet at times that fit their schedules.  Online courses are the same as on-campus classes in academic quality, credit hours, transferability and cost and taught by distance learning certified faculty members.

Online Course Orientation:
  Students must complete an orientation for each online course in which they are enrolled. Course orientations are developed by each instructor and provide an opportunity for students to obtain information about the instructor and the course, i.e., course syllabus and requirements, how to access assignments, what software may be needed, scheduled examinations, review sessions, etc.

Hybrid or Blended:  “Hybrid” or “Blended” are names commonly used to describe courses in which some traditional face-to-face time has been replaced by online learning activities. In a hybrid course, a portion of the class learning activities are online, which reduces the amount of time spent in a traditional, face-to-face classroom. 

Difference between a Hybrid and online?  Students who take hybrid courses continue to meet in the classroom for the number of scheduled hours for that course. An online or distance course is conducted entirely online. 

Thinking of taking an online course?  Get a head start by attending an overview session on how to use Blackboard Vista or Instructure Canvas, the college’s new learning management system. 

        Sessions are available at the start of each semester and provide students with a better understanding on how to complete their course work. The overview sessions will cover how to login to
        Blackboard Vista (or Canvas), how to access the class notes, assessments, syllabus, and quizzes. Learn how to use the communication options, calendar, chat, and video options. This overview  
        does not replace your class orientation. Check the Center for Distance Learning web site for the schedule of Blackboard Vista and Canvas Overviews.  

Instructure Canvas Overviews: Overview sessions are available at the start of each semester and cover how to use Instructure Canvas and its tools. The overview sessions cover how to log in, how to access the course content, how to use the communication tools such as mail and discussion tools, how to take a test, and how to check your grades. The overview does not replace your class orientation. Check the Center for Distance Learning web site for the schedule of Instructure Canvas Overviews.

Online Course Requirements & Skills:  Online courses provide an alternative course delivery mode for students. The successful distance learning student must be highly motivated, self-disciplined, goal-oriented, focused and self-directed.  Students considering enrollment in an online course should be able to meet the following minimal technical requirements and skills.

  • Have access to the Internet
  • Possess basic Internet navigation skills
  • Have an email account and basic email skills
  • Have a working knowledge of the Windows or Mac computer environment

For further information regarding the above items, students may contact the instructor listed for each course. Additionally, students may also visit the St. Philip’s College Center for Distance Learning site at or call (210) 486-2239.

SmarterMeasure:  It is also highly recommended that you take the SmarterMeasure online assessment to determine if you are a good candidate for online classes. The assessment results will also provide resources to help you better prepare to take online classes. You can find the SmarterMeasure assessment tool at Login with Username: spcstudent  Password: spcuser

Smarthinking:  Help when you need it: 24 hours a day! That’s Smarthinking! Free Online Tutoring: Anywhere, Anytime!

With SMARTHINKING, you can
       *   Connect to a live educator from any computer that has internet access. No special software or equipment needed.
       *   Connect with a live, On-Demand Tutor
       *   Submit questions or problems for any class supported by Smarthinking

Follow these steps to get started:
       *   Log onto your ACES account
       *   Go to My courses
       *   Click the SMARTHINKING icon (left side) to go to your SMARTHINKING homepage
       *   Follow the dropdown instructions next to the icons to connect with a live tutor, submit an essay for review, or submit a question
       *   A detailed SMARTHINKING Student Handbook is available in the revolving marquee at the bottom of your SMARTHINKING homepage
       *   Need help?  E-mail Customer Support at or call (888) 430-7429


Virtual College of Texas


 Students sign up for class through their local college. Once they are registered an email is sent to the student wit the information they need to log into their class through ACES

It is also highly recommended that students take the SmartMeasure assessment to determine if they are a good cndidate for online classes. See the assessment at

Students may also visit the St Philip’s College Center for Distance Learning site at or call (210) 486-2239.