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    St. Philip’s College
  Jun 19, 2024
St. Philip’s College Schedule/Catalog 2017-2018 
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St. Philip’s College Schedule/Catalog 2017-2018 [Archived Catalog]

Workforce Development and Continuing Education





We provide training anytime, anywhere!

We are your source for non-credit classes, programs, seminars, workshops, and certification updates for community organizations, business, industry, military and professional students. In today’s job market, technical skills are critical to both new and experienced workers. We aim to meet the ever-changing needs of the San Antonio area workforce by offering flexible schedules including evening, weekend, weekday, and off-site classes.









CE Institute of Advance Manufacturing & Logistics

Contact Person : Alfred Landeros (210) 486-2807        ^Top


Professional Truck Driving (CDL)

St. Philip’s College and SAGE Corporation have partnered together in order to offer a quality 156-clock hour training program designed to exceed the standard certification for entry level truck drivers. Students will learn Tractor Trailer vehicle systems, Department of Transportation (DOT) rules and regulations, and logs and legal topics pertaining to safe operations. Additional topics include cargo handling, hazardous materials and the vehicle pre-trip inspection and students will receive a defensive driving course. All qualified applicants must at least be 21 years of age, have the ability to comprehend the English language sufficient to meet Department of Transportation regulations and pass a DOT physical exam as well as meet the Motor Carrier Safety Regulations; Qualification of Drivers. Tuition includes books and lab fees.

Tuition for Program: $4,255.00

CDL Refresher

The CDL Refresher course is aimed at providing the knowledge and skills to students with some prior experience to enable them to pass the written and practical portions of the CDL examination.  The course is a an excellent opportunity for individuals who have their CDL, but need to improve driving skills through focused, hands-on driver training.  The concentrated program consists of 40 hours of instruction (20 driving hours) conducted over a two -week period.


Tuition for Course: $2,600.00


Auto Mechanics

Brake Systems - 7 hours 

Students enrolled in this course learn all about brake systems, components and servicing. Anti-lock braking systems are introduced and servicing options are explored. This training guides learners to a more complete understanding of the theory underlying brake operation, diagnosis, troubleshooting, and repair procedures.

Tuition for Course: $50.00


Electrical Systems Course- 7 hours

Electrical systems refer to electrically operated car components, such as lights, wipers and navigation systems. Students learn about electrical circuitry and electrical servicing of various systems like audio sound systems. Course covers the understanding and application of the fundamentals of troubleshooting electrical problems.

Tuition for Course: $50.00


Automotive Computer Diagnostics- 7 hours

This program covers computer training by studying onboard computer diagnostics, engine electronics maintenance and vehicle computer system repair. Students review Powertrain Control Module and its relation to the engine ignition system, fuel injection and emission systems.  

CE Institute of Creative & Communication Arts                    

Contact Person : Nina McGrath (210) 486-2704                   ^Top


CE Institute of Creative & Communication Arts

Contact Person: Nina McGrath (210) 486-2704


San Antonio Youth Wind Ensemble (SAYWE)

The San Antonio Youth Wind Ensemble (SAYWE) founded in 2010 as the premier honor wind ensemble for youth in the San Antonio and surrounding areas. Its purposes are to provide a positive musical experience in an artistic environment for advanced instrumentalists in wind and percussion performance, and to supplement the outstanding music education programs in the public and private schools in the region. The SAYWE rehearses and performs grade five and six (collegiate and professional) original wind band literature composed over a wide span of stylistic compositional periods. As an ensemble, SAYWE serves as ambassadors of culture and youth performance for the city of San Antonio and the surrounding area.  The SAYWE season runs from November-June.

AFA Jazz

The AFA Jazz Band provides instrumental students an extended opportunity to develop their ensemble playing in a stylized Jazz Band format, and also allows students to develop as soloists. Our goal is to provide the foundation for a life-long passion for the enjoyment of Jazz music in its multitude of performance opportunities.

Summer Theatre Program 

This program seeks to instruct students in the mechanics of creating an original musical theater production, with performance-based outcomes. Students will learn about all areas involved in creating a successful production including physical/vocal training, staging and stage directions, choreography, cueing for sound & lights. The Summer Musical Theatre Workshop strives for excellence in theatre instruction. 

K-8 Summer Academy (Kid’s Camp)

This extremely popular program engages children ages 4-13 in both academic and enrichment classes that increase each child’s creative and critical thinking skills, self-esteem, and ability to work with others. Program participants receive instruction from Texas certified instructors and college faculty members, allowing each student the opportunity to engage in new activities, revisit interests and enhance their academic skills in a supportive relaxed atmosphere.

GED en Linea

Por años hemos recibido llamadas respecto a materiales GED en línea. Nos alegra anunciar que ahora tendremos disponible la preparación GED en línea para ti. ¡Enseguida encontrarás más información sobre cómo este ofrecimiento te puede ayudar a alcanzar tus metas!

 Los materiales GED en línea no son caros y podrás trabajar en el desarrollo de tus destrezas desde la comodidad de tu propio hogar o desde cualquier lugar que tengas acceso al Internet

GED Face to Face Preparation

We know that attaining a GED® is important to you and would like to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible. Below is information that will help guide and inform you, but we are always happy to help you if you still have questions.

GED Online English/Spanish

Our online GED preparation materials are inexpensive, and you will be able to work on building your GED skills from the comfort of your own home or from any place where you can access the internet.

How online GED preparation works:  

  1. You sign up and pay your $70 fee;
  2. Once you have paid for access to the online materials and notified us of your payment, you will be emailed a log-in code which will allow you to access the online class information at;
  3. You will take an online practice test on your own, then submit your answers to the online scoring service available for the class;
  4. Once your results have been calculated, you may begin studying and preparing online for your GED!

CE Institute of Health & Biosciences

Contact Person : John Braxton (210) 486-2771                   ^Top


Through the Division of Workforce Development and Continuing Education, St. Philip’s College provides health career and hospitality training programs. We are often the first step for individuals looking to enter the healthcare field for the first time. In addition to basic training programs in a variety of healthcare disciplines, St. Philip’s College also offers update classes to healthcare professionals with licenses that require yearly continuing education hours to maintain such certifications.


Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)

This is a 108-hour course that includes lecture and clinical components, and prepares students to take the state of Texas examination to become a Certified Nurse Aide by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services. This program prepares students to become entry-level nursing assistants by achieving a level of knowledge, skills, and abilities essential to provide safe care to the residents of long-term care facilities/nursing homes. Some of the topics include: patient comfort and safety, range of motion for long-term care residents, communication skills, basic nursing skills, residents’ rights, etc. This training program is licensed by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services.

Tuition for Program: $1033.00 (this does not include textbooks, scrubs, or other supplies)

$535 Lecture

$498 Clinical




These programs prepare a variety of individuals to respond to cardiac and first aid emergencies, and are approved by the America Heart Association. We currently offer two training options: BLS for Healthcare Providers, and Heartsaver First Aid.

Tuition for Program: $75.00

Massage Therapy

The 500-hour Massage Therapy Program is a series of courses that prepare the student to take the national exam to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. Students learn about anatomy, physiology, massage therapy fundamentals, kinesiology, health and hygiene, pathology, business practices, professional ethics, therapeutic modalities, and they complete a 50-hour internship under the supervision of a Licensed Massage Therapist.

The program is comprised of nine different classes, or modalities, and after successful completion of all nine classes, you are eligible to take the national exam.

Day and Night classes available

Medication Aide

This 144-hour course prepares students to take the State of Texas examination to become a licensed Medication Aide by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services. Instructions and preparation on the administration of medications is the focus of this course. Medication Aide Updates are also available.

Tuition for Program: $866

Medication Aide Update

Tuition for Course:$75.00


Medical Terminology

This 48-hour class studies medical terminology, word origin, structure, and application of medical terms. Students enrolled in the course will learn to define, pronounce, and spell medical terms as a result of learning to build and analyze terms through the introduction of prefixes, suffixes, root words, plurals, abbreviations and symbols.

This class is ideal for:

  •  Nursing or Allied Health students looking to gain extra competence in this area
  • Students who want a head start before applying for a Nursing or Allied program
  • Individuals who need a refresher before re-entering the workforce in a medical related career field
  • Currently employed medical staff members who seek formal training in medical terminology

Nursing Home Activity Director

This is 232-hour certification course that includes 120 hours of classroom training and 112-hour practicum. A Nursing Home Activity Director manages a wide range of activities to promote and stimulate the physical and emotional health of the nursing facility resident. Activity Director Updates are also available.

Tuition for Program: $1441.00

Spanish for Healthcare Providers

Develop your Spanish speaking skills to improve effective communication between yourself and your patients.

This 40-hour Spanish for Healthcare Providers class will focus on developing practical Spanish communication skills including medical terminology, greetings, common expressions, commands, and phrases normally used in a healthcare setting.

Tuition for Program: $218.00

Teas V Assessment

Offered October - July

Location: Workforce Development and Continuing Education

Building 4


Institute of Advance Manufacturing & Logistics (Southwest Campus)  Contact Person : Joshua Scott (210) 486-7229     ^Top



We offer a variety of technical and workforce related classes at the St. Philip’s College Southwest Campus. All Southwest Campus courses listed here are non-credit, co-listed courses. In other words, they are intended for students wanting to take various college classes for personal enrichment or job skills training, but who are not seeking a degree. This means that individuals enrolled in these courses will not receive college credit towards a degree, but will receive CEUs and valuable knowledge and skills that will enhance personal and/or workplace skills. We offer training in the following areas:




CE Institute of Business

Contact Person : Althea Casey (210) 486-2783                    ^Top




Real Estate

This program meets the educational requirements established by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) for becoming a licensed real estate agent. Upon completion of this intensive training, participants will have the skills and knowledge necessary for passing the TREC licensing exam. A sales license in real estate can be obtained, as stipulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission, only when an individual has completed 180 hours of course work. 

Tuition for Program: $1,139.46

Cost for each course: $189.91

CE Community Culinary Courses

Artisan Breads

Students in this class will learn the preparation techniques for five breads selected to illustrate the range of artisan bread types which can be prepared in the home kitchen. Topics include baking tools and equipment, ingredients, production techniques, and serving suggestions.

This ten-hour “hands-on” laboratory class meets in two sessions: Friday evening from 6-9 PM and the following Saturday from 9 AM-4 PM. Students will participate in all phases of the bread making process: measuring ingredients, mixing, fermentation, shaping, proofing, baking, and (of course) tasting.

In the first class, production techniques will be presented. White Potato Bread will be prepared and used to demonstrate a variety of make-up and shaping techniques for loaves and rolls. Dough’s for the Saturday class will be prepared.The second class will focus on the preparation of braided Jewish Challah, flavorful Italian Focaccia, traditional French Bread and a Roasted Potato and Onion Bread recipe from Ireland. Students will receive recipes for these breads and samples to take home.

Delicious food for the Diabetic

Being diagnosed with diabetes means a change in lifestyle that can be daunting.   This class shows you meal planning doesn’t have to be scary.  With simple techniques and substitutions you can learn that eating as a diabetic does not have to be frustrating. It can actually be fun and tasty!

Catering for fun and profit

The course will provide information on the various styles of catering. It will also discuss catering sales and marketing and how the internet and computer software can provide fun, unique and creative ways for you to be successful in the catering world. You will learn and understand the importance of developing  quality service standards, catering menu pricing and maintainingfood cost percentage as well as gaining knowledge on managing catering equipment. Join us and learn how to make catering fun and profitable!

Heart- healthy cuisine

Everyone is looking for healthier ways to cook. This class uses established techniques in ways that may be new to you that help reduce the need for butter and cream to make delicious meals.  Learn how steaming, poaching, roasting and reducing can produce tasty items that allow you to minimize the need for fats in order to have flavorful treats.

Vegetarian Cuisine

This class will show you that carnivores too can enjoy vegetarian cuisine that is both flavorful and fun. Shiitake mushrooms taste like bacon?  What? Yes they do! Come to this class to learn the technique along with other tricks that will have any meat lover saying, “I didn’t miss the meat at all!”

Spooktacular Halloween Treats

This class will teach you how to make simple and fun Halloween candies and fruit treats that are sure to amaze your little goblins. This is a great class for parent and child to take together. 


Gourmet Gluten-Free

This class will show you how to make delicious gluten-free food that is packed with flavor. You will never know the gluten is gone.

Plated Desserts

This course focuses on professional techniques and tricks that can transform a simple dessert into a memorable experience. The use of garnishes and sauces to complement or provide a contrast are explored. Topics include flavor enhancement and contrast, and the use of different textures, temperatures, colors, and shapes. This is a three‐hour laboratory class which meets for one evening. Students will prepare two  illustrative recipes which are used to demonstrate a wide range of dessert plating options. The best part is you get to taste the results.

Fantastic Baby Food

WAHH ! WAHH ! MAMA!!  DADA!!   Stop the crying by learning how to make delicious and nutritious baby food that skips the additives and loads up on flavor, Your baby will thank you for taking this one and so will your pocket book.

Thanksgiving Centerpieces to Set The Perfect Table

Join Chef Cris as she teaches you to make spectacular centerpieces for your Thanksgiving table. You will get to take home your work and  display it proudly for friends and family.  This class is fun for the whole family and a great way to spend quality time together.

Cost for each course may vary please contact for more information.